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      Facing him with a grin was Jeff!

      [Pg 51]

      I know how that fits, Sandy spoke earnestly. The hydroplane men were honest, and Jeff worked into their confidence and offered to help themto discover the plan!


      "Never!" she declared; it was merely because she could not breathe the same air with that creature.

      Here she is Sandy shouted, but a crash indicated that he had stumbled or missed his footing on slippery sod or pebbles.





      Lets go, then, urged Larry. Dick, look over the pontoons for strains, will you? She may have struck one of themshe has tipped over part way, maybe hit one of the pontoons.The requirements which Epicureanism failed to meet, were, to a great extent, satisfied by Stoicism. This philosophy had, from a comparatively early period, won the favour of a select class, but had been temporarily overshadowed by the popularity of its hedonistic and anti-religious rival, when a knowledge of the Greek systems first became diffused through Italy.169 The uncouth language of the early Stoics and the apparently unpractical character of their theories doubtless exercised a repellent effect on many who were not out of sympathy with their general spirit. These difficulties were overcome first by Panaetius, and then, to a still greater extent, by Posidonius, the elder contemporary and friend of Pompeius and Cicero, who was remarkable not only for his enormous learning but also for his oratorical talent.267 It seems probable that the lessons of this distinguished man marked the beginning of that religious reaction which eventually carried all before it. We have already seen how he abandoned the rationalistic direction struck out by his predecessor, Panaetius; and his return to the old Stoic orthodoxy may very well have responded to a revival of religious feeling among the educated Roman public, who by this time must have discovered that there were other ways of escaping from superstition besides a complete rejection of the supernatural.