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      All the while she was dressing, Esmeralda was thinking of Lady Adas presence, and her heart ached and burned with the emotion which she scarcely recognized as jealousy. The woman whom Trafford loved was in the same house with them! The thought brought the hot tears to Esmeraldas eyes. How long would she stay? Would she and Trafford be much together? How should sheEsmeraldaendure the presence of her rival under the same roof and make no sign? Her heart ached with apprehension, then burned with a kind of defiance.

      Money? she said. No, no; I know I mustnt do that. Youd be too proud to take it, and from me. No, I darent offer you money. But I dont think theyll refuse my wish. Her eyes flashed. How could they? They have got all they want. For very shame they dare not refuse me this one little thing. Its all I shall have of good out of the bargain; its all I shall ask. Butthe old Esmeralda of Three Star stood before him, flashed from her eyes, spoke in her voicebut this I will have!The woman shook her head.

      Norman nodded, and laughed.

      The woman shook her head."Ever of thee I'm fondly dreaming--"


      She was riding down the slope and away from him. In another moment or two she would have disappeared. With a sob he stretched out his arms toward her and breathed her name, but so softly that the still air carried it only a few yards.


      The Callenders had heard the combat's proud story often, of course, not only from battery lads bringing home dead comrades, or coming to get well of their own hurts, or never to get well of them, but also from gold-sleeved, gray-breasted new suitors of Anna (over-staying their furloughs), whom she kept from tenderer themes by sprightly queries that never tired and constantly brought forth what seemed totally unsought mentions of the battery. And she had gathered the tale from Greenleaf as well. Constance, to scandalized intimates, marvelled at her sister's tolerance of his outrageous version; but Miranda remembered how easy it is to bear with patience (on any matter but one) a rejected lover who has remained faithful, and Flora, to grandma, smiled contentedly.


      Dont speak to me for a minute or two.